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Enlighten Up & Get What You Want
Notice how you feel before and after reading this message … and … What does Physics have to do with Your Healing and abundance?
Have you ever tried to use the power of your visualization or intention to do something? You know like in the movie “The Secret” or in some of the many self-help manifest your own reality kind of books?

Ever wondered why they don’t seem to work very well.

They may work a little but for all the effort it just doesn’t have the big bang for the buck.

Did you know that physicists who study the energy in a vacuum or the energy in empty space say that there is infinite energy, information and potential in the vacuum or in the empty space?

So how can you truly access that infinite energy or potential? I’ve been playing with this type of thing for years. And after much study, I came across a way to do it.

Funny thing was, it wasn’t about doing it 

as much as something else. It was easier than I thought. In fact it surprised me the first time it happened.

so much that I told my wife “No Way!!!” and she exclaimed “Way!!!”

It’s consistently worked for us since that time about 9 years ago when we came across this way of doing stuff. I’m telling you this so you can also access this way of making things happen for you.

You may be thinking, this is just another one of those methods. I know I did with most of the stuff I tried over the years. This stuff felt different even from the beginning, but I still doubted it would totally work for me.

Luckily I was using it with a lot of clients as soon as I learned it and it consistently worked. People were lining up with their heart’s desires and making real changes in all sorts of stuff. Everyone had their own version of miracles. so I got to prove it to myself by seeing it change my clients and friends and families lives.

Here’s what I want you to do next. * Notice how you feel and notice what’s different after reading this message.

If you notice the change or notice that something is different, you can access more of this Infinite energy or infinite potential and learn how to do this in the full Enlighten Up Master Class. 
Go ahead and watch the video and scroll below for how to do this.

You might be thinking...
shouldn't you just Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs....
Isn't that what needs to happen?

Here's what I found ...

 the thing about a lot of those methods telling you that you just gotta change your thoughts and beliefs and everything will magically change....

you know there's the thoughts and beliefs that are running subconscious programming... 
but there's also something more primary, more upstream that once found and cleared 
clears out the whole thing...

so you don't have to know consciously what the thoughts or beliefs or the story of what happened in childhood is
or what happened in life that got you to this point.

knowing why it's not working is the boobie prize. It won't change a thing, except that you'll know more of why it's not working so far.

Just knowing why it's not working.... not really that useful right?...

there is a way I found to go directly to the source of what's causing the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, story
and clearing it once and for all.

then the thoughts, beliefs, and story don't slow you down or get in your way or stop you from what you wanna achieve.

You don't have to keep trying to think or believe differently...
You just are different... Then stuff changes...
makes sense right?

You can learn how to do this in the full Enlighten Up Master Class. 
Go ahead and scroll below for how to do this.

You might be thinking, why do some people have big shifts in the consciousness realm and also in physical tangible ways, while others are not succeeding...

Something I've noticed over the years of doing my work is that with Enlightenment and Manifestation type work, people can have spiritual and emotional experiences but while some can have tangible results in their physical world, their health and wealth and relationships, others are still not truly succeeding or thriving.

 Why is it that some people succeed and others do not?...

 This as a big question and so many people are looking for answers....

The Key is that many are missing a very important thing.  That's how to get really clear on what you want... your vision.  Once this is clear, knowing why you want it is crucial to success because if your Big Why.... your reason for wanting the health, the relationships, the money is big enough .... you will succeed if you know what to do in the physical world... the actual work,

 and you do the deep inner work, clearing the deep inner beliefs and patterns running your life... 

and you don't give up because you have your Big Why..... Your vision for what you want and it's big enough to inspire great change in you and your world.
You can learn how to do this in the full Enlighten Up Master Class. 
Go ahead and scroll below for how to do this.

Full Master Class
Enlighten Up & Get What You Want

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*   How to let go and come to trust
*   How to activate state of Being and come to Peace
* How to use the Peace Process to instantly clear fears which may slowing you down, standing in your way or stopping you.
*   How to use thinking, feeling, imagining to get what you want in life
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*  Using decisions to dream, feel, inspire, go deep, use tenacity, and willpower
*  How to go deeper
*  Advanced techniques for reality creation
* Using ancient technologies in a simple and effective way to instantly clear fears and other blocks to abundance and healing.
 7 Audio recordings from Live Sessions

*  Recordings from 7 Live Calls ~ training and healing sessions
*  Notes from 7 Live Calls
 3 Video Recordings from Live group Coaching & Energetic Sessions

* Replays of  3  Live Calls so you can have individual sessions to clear your blocks to abundance
*  Recordings from 3 Live Calls 
*  Notes from 3 Live Calls
*  Q & A Special Session  
* Simple & Effective recordings of the Peace Process and Instant Miracle Technique so you can have instant and deep clearing of long held beliefs, thoughts and emotions...
* Clearing Root Causes of conditions so you can heal naturally.
Psycho-Energetic-Emotional Technique 
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